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Graphic Design Gems: The Almighty Brief

Had to share, although you've probably seen this:

The Process

I believe we've all had those guys as clients at least once Smile Cheers for creativeness.

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So funny

Big smile

Hahaha. Thank god, they were

Hahaha. Thank god, they were not redesigning the wheel. What if they finally decided that the wheels should be square shaped.

But a square wheel would

But a square wheel would smooth a pothole filled road.

Get one of those fancy MBA

Get one of those fancy MBA degrees to apply to one of those fancy top management job in a multinational company which has a lots and lots of money at their disposal so that the top management people can spend their day idling around, thinking about such stupid things as to design the stop signs etc.

The workers in the factory are already making the money for the company with their hard work. Now with all the excess money, the top management can of course do all kinds of fancy stuff all day long because after all they are being paid loads of money to look good, dress smart, talk smart but actually do nothing productive all day.