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Just when I thought I had seen the worst...



Currently we have a phillipine company writing for us at 3$ per article but we wish to get this rate down further.

Articles need to comply with the following guidelines:

- Unique/ original content only
- Relevant
- 0 fluff
- Factual and well researched information
- bullet points and summaries of facts and numbers
- No negative statements
- No bold statements like “best”
- Do not mention any competitors

Oh you want all of this for under $3 per article? GOOD LUCK!

****Writing one unique 800 word sample will be a requirement to qualify for this job
Details will be sent via PM
If you do not intend to write the sample

Violating oDesk ToS, not to mention asking for an 800-word article for free. Lol.

This is pathetic. Just pathetic.

*[Removed by Admin]

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Good luck finding a $2

Good luck finding a $2 contractor who knows what 'bold' statements are.

Huh, what's so difficult

Huh, what's so difficult about that? Here's a bold statement. Give my my two bucks.

/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

The post said "No Bold

The post said "No Bold Statement". So it should be " He likes two bit writers". I get the two bucks. Smile


My my...

All I can say about this is rotsa ruck


Pay me!

Here is my article submission. It has Unique/ original content only! It is Relevant with 0 fluff, Factual, and contains well researched information. Forgive me for not having time to include any bullet points and summaries of facts and numbers. Whoops! You said No negative statements. Sorry! At least I did not use any bold statements like “best”, and I did not mention any competitors. Now where's my payment?

Think that's bad


Need good support from you . Please type correctly and try to minimize timeout images.
Continue working correctly and keep timeout image less as possible
If your timeout is increase then account will be banned without payment so this is the main important think of this project.
You can work 5 hours but night time is the best time.
You must do 7k=7000entry weekly to get payment
Working time:
12am to 6am (GMT+6)Only work during this time

All for a whopping $15!

This is under "article writing". They're asking for 450 articles so I don't know where they came up with this totally weird description (*and it makes so much sense doesn't it*)

Found it... Canceled and

Found it... Canceled and Payment Method Not Verified.

There's always something

There's always something worse. I find myself using oDesk less and less now; looking at the job postings is pointless, now I look maybe once or twice a week - but all that happens is I just get wound-up and angry at the drudgery and cheek of it all. It's often worse that I'm expecting it to be, which is saying something. Pretty much every-single-job now has a barrel-scraping budget and/or requesting the work to be done upfront. Half of them aren't even using the 'competition' line anymore and just saying "everyone send me the design and i'll choose what I like". Can't really blame them seeing as it minimizes all risk and oDesk allow it.

When you do see a job that's decent, it seems so rare these days that you can't help but be suspicious. Even if it does seem legit then it's 50/50 chance whether the post will be looked at again by the poster. Plus because it's half-decent the competition for it is extra-fierce. All in all in not really worth the time, head-ache and frustration.

I'm amazed I lasted as long as I did on here seeing as i'm not the person this site is designed for. I feel kind of bad because in supporting this place and doing work here i've been kind of pissing on my own carpet. I'm helping support a site which peddles the lowest possible standards and is trying to set the bar and budgetary expectations for my profession as low as possible. I'm fully aware there are different strands of quality and pay-scale, but none-the-less in supporting a place which is helping to make 'working for free' the norm i'm essentially stabbing myself in the back.

It's also been helpfull because it's given me a glimpse into which areas have become saturated and which will become saturated in the near future. At a point where i'm looking to aquire some new skills and change tact a little it's been incredibly illuminating.

I'll still be poking about here a little bit I should imagine, but it's fizzling. I won't be surprised one day if I turn round and say "Oh, I haven't been on oDesk in months?!". Saying that things usually pick-up in spring.

Good luck to you all in this crazy, often-barren landscape - the real world isn't much easier either lately. Find what you can, where you can, and all the best good people. Goodbye!

There's still hope.

Just overbid on the budget if it seems low. I do this all the time and consistently land jobs, you should try it. Just sound confident. This can actually be more attractive to clients, in some cases (of course the truly cheap ones will reject, but you don't want them anyway). Sort of like when comparing similar items for a purchase, many people will go with the more expensive item because they believe it is quality.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” - Inigo Montoya

Like Jennifer H. stated. Over

Like Jennifer H. stated. Overbid. That is after all an estimated bid posted there.

Actually I don't know if 'overbid' is the correct word to use.

Just make sure you fit the job.

I've come to believe...

...that if you're established and primarily applying for jobs on oDesk you're doing it wrong.

The key to success is building a reputation so the clients come to you. Yes, most of the clients looking for just anyone to work for them are after the lowest price possible, but those clients who are inviting freelance contractors are usually more interested in quality and willing to pay what you're asking. After all, they invited you knowing your rate.



I've been invited to several job listings that were well below my rate. Recently, I was invited to interview for an editor position that paid $8 per 1200-word article.

I wrote the client and stated that I wasn't sure why I was contacted, considering the difference in price I work for. I told them it was rather insulting to get job offers at that price, especially if they took a look at my profile (which, like Junelle said, they probably didn't and were just spamming). They were also asking for free work – edit an 800-word article to even be considered for the job (which I informed them was against ToS). The person wrote me back and told me that I needed therapy. Rofl. Some clients really have no shame in what they do.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” - Inigo Montoya

There are always spammers...

...and cheap clients, but I definitely find the proportion of clients willing to pay my asking rate is much higher when they seek me out.

Nothing is guaranteed, but the chances of getting a good job from an invitation are much higher than from searching the public listings. I also have to wonder about anyone who has many hours and good feedback and is still more concerned about the jobs being advertised than their invitations.


That's why

That's why I never bother to reply to most invites. Too much waste of time, if I see that they're interviewing people with lower rates than me, or if their work history shows consistently low rates.

I don't reply to all my invites either...

But the number of good jobs I get through invitations far outweighs the number I get through searching the job board.

I just find weeding out my invitations is a far more productive use of my time than hunting for jobs.

The trick with working on

The trick with working on ODesk is you, as a contractor, need to know exactly what your capabilities are, and how much those skills are worth - if a client seems reluctant to pay you what you're worth, walk away.

I always submit job bids at a rate that I feel is fair (regardless of the posted budget) and require a 50% upfront payment, without exception. My philosophy, is if they are unwilling to pay the deposit, then they probably aren't planning on paying you at all.

The sad fact of the matter is that the majority of clients come to ODesk in order to outsource their creative / technical work to a contractor from a country where $2 / hour US is a living wage.

There are, however, a number of clients who understand what quality work is worth, and are willing to pay for the best possible results. Those are the jobs you need to focus on - unfortunately you need to sift through about 7 pages of slave-labor listings to find them.

Someone once said you can have something fast, cheap or good... but you can only pick two.

Here is another. Quote: Est

Here is another.


Est Buget: $7.00

Draft the Requirements document for the following system:

University Registration System:
The Registrar sets up the curriculum for a semester where one course may have multiple course offerings. The registrar can add new students to the system. Students select four (4) primary courses and two (2) alternate courses. Once a student registers for a semester, the billing system is notified so the student may be billed for the semester. Student must see an advisor to get an approval to be able to register for courses or the advisor can register the
student in courses. The advisor will use the registration system to determine if the student is in good academic standings and is eligible to register.
Students/Advisor search for courses by entering the course name, course number, or section number. Also, the students/advisor can browser for courses.

Students may use the system to add/drop courses for a period of time after registration Professors use the system to set their preferred course offerings, receive their course offering rosters after students register, and get a class list. Users of the registration system are assigned passwords which are used at logon validation

PS: Please follow the attached template in order to complete this Requirements Document for this Registration System. I have attached an example for a different Requirements Document of another system. Please follow this example in order to complete the above project.

I want to be done by 12 PM Tuesday 03/19/2013

it all comes down

For me, it all comes down to how much you think your skills/knowledge worth.