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The Easiest and The Quickest Method to Withdraw Money in Bangladesh

What is the best and what is the quickest method to withdraw earnings from Odesk for the contractors of Bangladesh?

There are several methods, each of them works differently that offers different opportunities:

1. Pioneer Debit Card: It is obviously a smart method but seems costly. It is fit for the contractors who earn a lot and capable to bear the cost of it charges. It is also good for them who do various online transaction like buying anything from an international sites like amazon, eBay etc, to send payment to the contractors work under them.

2. Paypal: It has not started it's function in Bangladesh, so the contractor will not get the super facilities of this method.

3. Skril/Moneybookers: I think it the best method, as it's fee is lowest among others. It charges $3.40 (Odesk $1+Skril $2.40)to withdraw earnings. Although it has some limitation related to the amount of money transaction, but it's service is wonderful.It takes three to five days to add the fund to one's bank account. Contractor may need to go to the bank branch office every time and to fill up a C-form to withdraw money.

4. Wire Transfer: In last year oDesk introduced wire transfer for the contractors of Bangladesh. It is the fastest method to get and start spending money from the same day he/she send the request to withdraw. It charges $4.99 to withdraw any amount of earning.

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The Easiest and The Quickest Method to Withdraw Money in BD

Dear Mr. Rahman,

Thanks for detail withdrawal processes of money for Bangladesh which is very helpful for the new comers.

As I am a new comer, I like to know, is it possible to use both Skril/Moneybookers and Wire Transfer processes for withdrawal of money.

In wire transfer, is there restriction of where will be the bank account. Is it possible for any bank account in Bangladesh with swift code?


Arif Hasan

You can use both Skrill and

You can use both Skrill and Wire transfer. As far I know, most of the banks of BD support wire transfer.

Thanks for taking the time to

Thanks for taking the time to post and share your feedback!

If anyone has questions about Payoneer in specific, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer

The Easiest and The Quickest Method to Withdraw Money in Banglad

vy Mujibur, thanks for ur nice post & I want to know that,
"can't we use alartpat?"

No, You can't use it.

No, You can't use it.

Withdrawal through Skrill/Moneybookers

Please update your post. Skrill/Moneybookers charges extra 3.9% as "Receive Money" fee while depositing money from oDesk.

Transaction fees for non European Merchants

And $15 is deducted by the intermediary banks while withdrawing money to a Bangladeshi bank.


Please recheck your information

This is applied for MERCHANT account, not for PERSONAL account.

Freelancers are considered as commercial users in Skrill

Yes, those fees are for MERCHANT account. But unfortunately Skrill considers freelancers as commercial users.

Please read the quotation from the link below.


I see something like this in

I see something like this in here where it is written that"oDesk charges $1.00 per withdrawal to Skrill. Skrill charges a fee for receiving commercial payments, which is currently 1.9% for freelancing."

But on 18 April I withdrawn $54.03 and got 53.03 on Skrill. They did not charge any additional fees.

Agreed with Mr. Iqbal about

Agreed with Mr. Iqbal about Moneybookers fee.

@Mujibur - Probably you haven't transferred enough money yet. So sooner or later Moneybookers is going to charge you 3.9% for sure. It will be converted as Merchant Account by Moneybookers. It is PROVED.

So Moneybookers no way can be the best, It may work best for you at the moment.

Go to this thread for further infos about payment methods pros and cons

Hope this clarifies to everyone.


skrill & wire transfer

Dear Mujubur Bhai,

Could you please tell us the detailed process of skrill & wire transfer withdrawal method for Bangladesh?

1.Which Bangladeshi Banks can we use for this purpose?

2.What information do that need from that bank?

Could you Please clarify the whole process for both skrill and wire transfer?

We will be very greatful to you.


Shohel Rana

Skrill and Wire Transfer

I think you can use any of the online banks I use DBBL.

To add withdrwal method just go to withdraw option and click on the method you want to add.

You are required to fill all the information in Skrill to create an account. To verify your account, you may need to provide the appropriate mailing address. Within a week Skrill will send you a letter containing a code ( May be numeric). After getting the code you should open your account and verify your account using the code. You can add you bank account by SWIFT code. You will get the swift code of your bank searching Google or asking from the bank.

In case of wire transfer, just add your bank account carefully.

Let me know if you get any problem.