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Sorry to All

Today I see my previous thread. There was an issue of my portfolio. I apologize for that. I didn't knew that I can't add anything that I can design.

The design "Best of Boston", I find it from google search. I like the design. Then I decided to create it by myself. I create it and I'm successful. I add it on my portfolio and think that it will help me. But I didn't knew that I can't add it. Now I understand that "I cannot add Adobe, or Google logo to my portfolio though I can create them easily".

Portfolio is something that I make the things by myself. I understand it now. I apologize to all my clients and all clients of oDesk.

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So, did YOU, singlehandedly, design the United Airways site?

Is EVERYTHING in your portfolio now your own work, nothing but entirely your own work???


You might not notice. It is not United Airways. It is United Airways BD (Bangladesh). It is a local Airway Company which they named "United Airways (BD) Ltd". And Yes, I create the total website by myself.

All of them are not totaly mine. I work as a HTML developer of "Ventura BD" and PHP developer of "WebShohor". I think it's okey to add them to my portfolio. If you have any argument with this please let me know.

I need a help. Would you please take a look into my "overview" and let me know if there is any grammatical mistake there? I will be very happy if you give me any suggestion for this section.

You title these portfolio

You title these portfolio items as 'web design.' I hate to state the obvious but you are saying that you were responsible for the DESIGN of the sites but here you are telling us that you were responsible for developing the code only. This makes your portfolio fraudulent.

I see you took the 3D

I see you took the 3D character in your portfolio item linking to your website from 'Top Web Design Schools.'

I suppose we haven't come too far, then.

Found your Motorola banner on

Found your Motorola banner on a list of the top 40 web layouts for 2012.

I suspect if you're good enough to be on this kind of list, your rates should skyrocket well beyond $6 hourly. Perhaps $50 or $60 hourly is more appropriate. Although that wouldn't be in keeping with your opinions on oDesk rate settings as detailed in your article.

I change the Title

Okey, again sorry. I change the Title for the portfolios. I request you to suggest me. Please do not talk like opposing me. It hurts.

And this page

And this page file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator1/My%20Documents/Downloads/download.htm
has a stolen book cover photoshopped into a different palette.

I suspect the real designer would feel hurt to find their work being used on someone else's website without permission or acknowledgement, although I must admit I prefer the image in blue.

The practice of portfolio fraud hurts designers who are using their own work in their portfolios and charging rates that are appropriately higher than yours. If you want to avoid opposition, remove every stolen image from your portfolio and website and start honestly before you apologise.

Your 'Woodcrafter's

Your 'Woodcrafter's Cabinetry' flyer was actually designed by an employee at Design Smart Graphics. It also made it onto several top 10 lists in the design community. This is getting boring.

Don't Understand Wich one

would you please kindly tell me in which one you see that is stolen. let me know please and also please give me the link to that image.

I visit you given link. But I could not find anything which is similar to my portfolios. And also, everything of my portfolio is mine. I might use some images from google search inside the designs. But you have to understand that, "If you want to make a website that contain a post of "Harry Portter", so what you will do? Will you physically go to "Daniel Radcliffe" and ask him to shoot his Photo?

You know which site and

You know which site and images were stolen and which were not because you compiled the portfolio.

The law regarding image use is that if you are using an image of Harry Potter to promote a Harry Potter book or film, you should technically get permission from the Harry Potter people but nobody is likely to bother you if you are using it to promote the source of the image i.e the latest movie or book. All non-promotional images may not legally be used unless they are listed as free use stock photos. Youa re only likely to find these kinds of images on stock photo sites. Stealing an entire book cover for a website about outsourcing or design is in no way promotional of that book and has absolutely nothing in common with your Harry Potter example. No, you may not take other people's images and insert them into your websites. At the very least, if you obtain permission to use an image, you cannot present that image as your own: You would need to acknowledge the designer responsible IF they gave you permission.

If you have forgotten which designs in your portfolio you stole, and the links I've provided are not helping you, upload all your portfolio items into google image search. A host of links will come up revealing the true sources and designers for the images you've called your own.

Your Motorola page,

Your Motorola page, incidentally, was 'done for fun' by a company called Elusive Designs and Interfaces.

Why not try emailing the

Why not try emailing the designer of the Motorola page you've presented as your own and ask him how he feels about you using it in your portfolio. His response should clear up any oddball beliefs you have about listing other people's work as having been done by you. His name is Alan Moore and he lives in Canada.