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Client Asking for Password

I applied in a job. The client invite me to interview. He send me message on oDesk to chat with him on skype and he give his skype name. I add him to my skype.

When we were in a chat on skype, he told me that he will hire me for a job for which he will pay me $15 per hour. My present rate is $5 per hour. The work is, I have to maintain his oDesk account and have to hire 30 contractor who will work for $5. It will be an ongoing job over 6 months and I only have to maintain his oDesk account and check the work diary of the contractors. He send me the job offer and I accept it. The job started.

Then the thing happen. First he ask me for my oDesk username. I gave him the user name (as I know when any client hire me, username can easily be seen form contract detail page). Then he ask me for my password, so he can attach my account with his account. He told me in this way I can hire from his account.

I was confused. I didn't know what I will do. Then I decided not to give my password to him. I told him, "Sir, I cannot give you my password, it is a law of oDesk not to reveal password to anyone". Then all on a sudden he end the contract and tell me that "oh, I understand, you cannot do the job, I'm ending the contract."

That what happen. I notice it to oDesk help centre. They ask me for the chat transcription. I send them the screenshot and chat detail copying from skype.

My question is, is it really needed to send password to client to maintain his account? I have to mention that the client have a verified payment method. It was his Third job posting and he did not hire anyone yet in his oDesk life. First he want to talk in voice call via skype. I was lucky that I don't have my headphone with me that time. If he talk with me via voice call, I won't have any prove to send to help centre.

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Client asking for password

Its illegal to share the password according to the rules of odesk. so i don't see the need of sharing it. kip it for yourself brother.


Use your brain, please!

If he has your account name and your password he can withdraw your earnings.

I am stunned you even have to ask, to be honest!

I am glad you reported the client an oDesk are hopefully doing something to stop him. QUICKLY!

Thank you

Thank you very much for the answer. I understand. How fool I am really. I understand now. Thank you again for your reply.

Thanks Provosh for sharing

Thanks Provosh for sharing your experience in this forum. It's important that all ODeskers should be alerted about the scammers lurking around. And yes, never share your password with anyone. The word password, itself is self explanatory that it should be kept confidential and never shared with anyone.

Account name & Password = Access to Wallet = Money?

Linda A. wrote:
I wonder, what has he to gain by having access to your account?

Well, what do you THINK?

He wants to withdraw the contents of the wallet, OBVIOUSLY


Linda A. wrote:
That doesn't make sense a contractor who works for small amounts.

I mean if this is about a scammer he isn't so smart to go after a few dollars like this and risk his account.

Very strange indeed.

I'd think otherwise if this was about the password to a clients account that had over $10,000 in transactions which can be seen by everyone as well.

To be honest if the scammer gets a few small fry he'll still get "money" - the more successful contractors will be a lot less likely to fall for nonsense like this.

Client's a chancer, and clearly none too bright either.

Would you give him your bank

Would you give him your bank account PIN? Maybe not. Would you go to the bank and asked a banker for an opinion about if you have done a right choice by not telling the other person your bank account PIN? Probably no.

Same thing here.

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