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What the **** happened in Odesk with these low offers of client and contractor?

A few days ago, I've been going around the Find Work section trying to, well obviously, find work and I noticed such low offers by clients asking for what seemed to be a difficult task. I then continued on, thinking it's just 2 or 3 pages but no, it took me around the 7th page to find one decent offer with a good hourly budget and all. I thought 'Oh good someone is still making sense' but then I stopped and saw applicants with rates $1, $2, not even higher than $5. I felt like I should be ashamed I'm going to offer more than theirs(?) or that my proposal to the client will just be ignored among these contractors who have such an 'attractive' rates.

What happened in oDesk?

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I have and noticed for a few

I have and noticed for a few months but not in this type that you cannot ignore it anymore due to it's number and how fast it increased. When did employers get this idea that you can hire someone with a low rate and when did contractor bite this idea and say (in exaggeration) 'to hell with it it's still a job that has money'. I wouldn't be surprised that we're offering an average of 5/hr in a year or two in odesk.

I've been on oDesk...

...two or three weeks longer than you have Mariel, and in over five years, I've never known a time when there weren't ridiculous numbers of jobs at sub-slavery rates.

It's always been endemic both here and elsewhere, I personally think that when it comes to outsourcing, it's structural. The primary reason for outsourcing is to save money, and there are always going to be those who try to push things as far as they can.

You just have to remember Sturgeon's Law; 90% of everything is garbage (he used a different word), and look for jobs from the other 10%.



Dave Robinson wrote:
there are always going to be those who try to push things as far as they can.


True, those clients defy the laws of physics and push things to infinity.

Oh I agree

I just saw one where the client was offering $0.10/hr for 10 hours a week and touting themselves as an "EXCELLENT EMPLOYER" (emphasis theirs).

I don't know about you, but my definition of excellent client includes ones that pay what the work is worth, and I can't imagine anything that could be done on oDesk that's worth that little.


No conspiracy theory there

One of my first contracts on oDesk I was basically told that outright: You are lucky you are working at all and if you want to make more money go and get a job (headslap)

For the record that was back in September of 2007 Smile

I don't know about "better days..."

In the last two weeks I've had one client give me a raise, several others approach me at $20/hr and above (mostly above), and had plenty of well-paying work.

I really think that it's pretty much the same all the time, the total amount of work seems cyclical, but the proportion of good to bad openings seems about the same.

Just my two bits.


climate change...

what about considering the impact of climate change on the mental calculation abilities of some applicants? on their $urvival instinct$? or simply on their BRAINS?

I can also think about some renewed interest in good ol' slavery...History tends to repeat itself (main cause : men's amnesia) and well, when going all retro, you know you're right to do so : "everything used to be better" is an undeniable truth (just ask elders!).

Further reflection might enable us to discern the preliminary indications of some paradigmatic revolution to come > "WORK4FREE" quite a nice motto...

well, we already had the sugar-free sodas, the taste-free food, the sun-free tan, and even some (quite many) brain-free people as your post evidently shows...

SO logic dictates that the next step should be pay-free work (yeah, have to get rid of all this archaic BS concept of paying someone's work)...nevertheless, the best would be contractors paying for pay-free work > we are getting close with all those fanatic rate-killers.

THE revolution has ALREADY begun!!!

*(here to add some lyrical&dramatic effect, one should read my "prophetidiotic" message while listening to the Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E flat major)

I've seen that...

I think it's beyond stupid, but I've seen it.

My own thoughts are that if a contractor wants to do a very cheap job for the feedback they should go fixed-price, not hourly. Very little looks worse than a person advertising themselves at $16.67/hr and working for less than $0.50/hr.