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Getting The "Wrong Vibe" Off A Client

Here's just a piece of wisdom I've picked up in my year or so working on odesk.

If you get a bad vibe off a client (or if any clients are reading this, contractor), trust it. You're probably on to something.

There's a certain pushiness or aggressiveness with some people that suggests they don't really respect other people's time, input, or anything really.

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Totally with you on this one.

Totally with you on this one. I usually have "normal" clients which don't give out any vibes, but three did it, one was bad (and it turned out it got my work for free - worth $15 USD on fixed price, so I'm not complaining too much and also I canceled the contract because I didn't want to receive a really bad feedback), one was good (we still cooperate and exchange personal emails from time to time) and one which was at first good and then turned into bad.

So, if you feel that something is wrong/good, take it into account. We don't have feelings for nothing Smile

I like your branch of clients

I like your branch of clients Smile

So, don't misunderstood me. "straight to the point" or "pushy" clients aren't a "bad vibe" clients. You don't need to take time to ask the contractor on how's he doing, how's life, etc. "Bad vibe" clients are those from which you just feel that something is wrong and you can't point to exactly what it is.

I actually prefer when they skip this...

Kristjan O. wrote:
You don't need to take time to ask the contractor on how's he doing, how's life, etc.

I like when clients go strait to the point.


That to me doesn't sound like something that would give me bad vibes. That sounds more like being direct and to the point.

Saying, "This is what I want done, this is how I want you to do it," doesn't set off the alerts. It's professional and businesslike.

For me, bad vibes only come in when the client either starts moving away from business matters, or starts requiring an inordinate amount of time for ill-defined reasons.

Bad vibe is when they add

Bad vibe is when they add automatic question: "Why did you apply for this job?".

<3 Skrillex

My "bad vibe" sign

I usually avoid applying for jobs where the client writes "this should be an easy job if you know what you're doing" or "this should only take 30 minutes". I always think the client will become a pain if it takes longer.

These kind of statements just scare me off.