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SPAM APPLICATIONS! Bane of my existance

I get that part of getting the gig is a "numbers game", so you need to submit to many places. Heck, I'm OK with some parts of a long application being copy/pasted.

What I really dislike is the WHOLE THING being copied and pasted.

I ask simple "verify you've read what you're applying for!" questions and today, taking the cake, was ONE out of 74 applicants who read the FIRST sentence.

What the heck?? I spend more time sifting through that than actually interviewing, which is not cool because it limits my time to hire other people for other jobs!

How can we prevent this? As a client, what do i need to do to encourage people to read the job?

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Kim, I don't think you're

Kim, I don't think you're going to have much luck trying to get contractors to read your job posts. ODesk is full of spam: It goes both ways. The best I can suggest is to ask for a keyword to be mentioned within the first line of the application to make your weeding go faster.

Post private jobs

I find it well worth my time to post jobs privately and search for good contractors and invite them. Whenever I have posted a job publicly I have gotten only spam and no body decent has applied because they are turned off when they see 20 other folks have already applied for it.
Also, make sure you reject them as spam applications. I think oDesk does track how many times a contractor has been rejected for sending in spam applications and I think they get warned or suspended. At least I hope this is true.