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I'm trying to set up my oDesk profile and I'm stuck on Skills section. I know that now there's a dictionary that allows only predefined skills to be added, which is fine. But where's the list of those skills? Without the list it's quite hard to add anything more complex that, in my case, 'perl'. Of course I can press all the [a-z] range and look through the list to find matching skills (that's how I got to 'reverse-engineering', though I didn't know such a phrase was there) if it wasn't for the fact that system matches letters anywhere in the phrases and I'm getting a random lists for each letter. Of course I could look through site's source, or write a script that enters all the letters, grabs the lists and sorts the output but those are the task I'm looking to get paid for via oDesk Smile

Besides, the skills section doesn't work on IE9.

So, is there a list of skills somewhere or am I left with guessing?

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Hi Michael, welcome to oDesk. When I click on the skills section of my profile, I get a popup window that has a list of skills. See if you have popups blocked in your browser and disable it if you do. That should help Smile


Hello, Thanks for the reply;


Thanks for the reply; unfortunately it doesn't seem like a pop-up problem. I've tried this in Chrome, IE and Opera on two different PCs and I'm only getting a js-window where I can type in a skill.

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In that case

Michael in that case you might want to file a help ticket and see if they can assist you. I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful!


Michal have you tried typing

Michal have you tried typing "perl" into the pop up? I know that once you type "p" it shows a list of all the items that contain "p" but if you continue to type (complete word: perl) you will see perl, perl-catalyst and perl-mojolicious.

Whichever skill you want to add, go ahead and type the entire word in the popup box and then see the list that is populated. If you can't find a skill by typing in its proper name, you can fill out the form (blue link below the Add box) to get that skill added to the list.

Here's a link for more details: How do I add skills to my profile?

Hope this helps!

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