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I need help from my fellow and senior odesk user's in bangladesh

I would like to deposit some dollars in my card. Is there any process to do that??? As far as I know there isn't. If any of you have any idea on this please share it so.

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How about

Finding an assignment and getting paid. Do you think money is going to magically appear in your account?

well brother i want to buy

well brother i want to buy the dollars to be exact and deposit it on my e-wallet for online shopping.I don't have international account bank account and out country doesn't authorize us to deposit foreign currencies and spend it online. Well brother you seem like to be one of the old odesk freelancers my idea is I just to offer s deal to buy dollars online and use it Smile can your help me on this??


You can do a very simple Google search to find this information. In addition, Bangladesh bank has now approved online shopping in the country. oDesk is a place for working, not purchasing currency.