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Problems working with current programmer.

I have almost always had problems with programmers that I hire and almost never can hire those I most want to work with.

I am a photographer in Los Angeles and tried to hire a programmers/contractors (invitation only) that were charging between $33 and $50.00 per hour. Almost all of them did not respond to my invitation.

I finally hired the only one that responded and spoke english and it was a disaster. He worked on my LIVE SITE without backing up the original site after I gave him access to separate server where he was to place the test site. He never even mentioned that he was starting work or implementing the the changes. The new site he made was fraught with errors so I had him replace it with my backup; all of which I am being charged for.

Then he was difficult to get hold of and saw no problem with what he did.

Now I am faced with losing more time looking for someone new and launching a complaint against him or continuing to work with him. As you an imagine I was pretty angry with his work ethics dismissive attitude.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated folks.

Thanks for your time and attention.

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Oh boy

Worked on your live site...ouch. Your best bet is to dispute the work with oDesk. You'll probably get a mod replying to this thread soon, advising you on what to do.

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Lucky you had a backup. On

Lucky you had a backup. On the subject of precautions, you might want to change all the passwords that you gave the developer...especially if you're going to make a complaint.

What kind of errors did you have?

The job doesn't look that difficult on the face of things; apart from the intrinsic flaw with responsive design itself...what looks good on a phone is squashed up into the top two lines of a 1920x1080 monitor and looks ridiculous.
One way of tackling it would be to Wordpress the site up, stick with the default 960px page width (so netbooks and upwards are covered); detect mobiles and have separate CSS for smaller screens.