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Messaging Feature

I am on the process of doing my report via oDesk messaging. Unfortunately, the power shut off and I lost everything and start over again. I would just like to ask if we can add a draft feature in our messaging that can automatically save our un-finish message in cases like this. Please share if there are other ways to automatically save my unfinish message, like that of gmail, that automatically saves as draft any unfinish mesagge even if its a blank. Thanks.

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Do your drafts in Word

Just do your drafts in Word or whatever is appropriate, saving as you go along. In that case you still have it if something goes wrong, or most of it, anyway.


Thanks Yoda. I usually do that but it is very inconvenient to make your reply to message or applying for a job in word/note while the main message you are replying is on oDesk mail. I am still hoping that oDesk will create a draft messages in their email messaging services.

just made my morning

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Thanks Yoda.

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Suharto W. wrote:
Thanks Yoda.

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Just buy a UPS or work on a

Just buy a UPS or work on a laptop.


Thanks. Yes that would be a great solution, but still, I wish oDesk will create a draft in their email messaging services so that unfinished messages will automatically save as draft and we can come back later to finish or edit our application/reply. In my case, sometimes it happens when I create message but the message failed to send and when I am going to refresh or click back button, the message I have created was lost and begin anew.