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Identity verification almost drove me mad!

Dear friends,

I don't know have you received a request to verify your identity a few days ago. On 19th, March, I got a ticket from oDesk that asked me to verify my identity. And it was said in the ticket:

"We look forward to your compliance in 5 days. Failure to comply with this request may result to account interruption. "

From that day, I have been tried to submit the two important documents (National ID card and bank statement) to oDesk to verify my identity. In the first time, I submit a statement without my add. , so the request was rejected. Then I tried to go to bank and got some statement with my detailed information. But you know what, this time I got reply from oDesk as following:

"Your ID card is not an approved ID card. "

I really don't know how come this happened. It is my only national ID card. I use it when I take plane, travel and go to banks and for all important things. And in my first attempt to verify my identity, oDesk just said my bank statement was not acceptable. Then how come when I re-submit my national ID card again in the second attempt, it said it is not approved. I tried to contact live support of oDesk, but they let me to update the old ticket, but when I update the ticket and resort help from them. There is no answer.

Since it is 24th now, and I am afraid very much my account was interrupted suddenly. I have some working jobs now. I really don't want to bring some inconvience to my clients. Of course, I am also very worrying about how come I can contact with oDesk if they interrupted my account.

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Is your ID in English? If

Is your ID in English? If not, a passport would be an acceptable ID.

Wondering why oDesk support

Wondering why oDesk support did not explain why your Government National I.D and your bank statement are not approved I.D documents? Reply given seems to be system generated.

Hi Bing

I'm sorry I can't do links, but please look for the article What Documents are Accepted for ID Verification in the Help Section. Hope that will help. Smile

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments, friends. Yes, I did read carefully about the requirements of the documents. The national ID of China doesn't contain English characters. And unfortunetly, I don't have a passport. But since there are so many Chinese contractors in oDesk, I think oDesk should know what a national ID card of Chinese look like. It is the only legal ID card of mine. And the number of the ID is also on my bank statement. Furthermore, when I used my ID card to verify my identity in Elance, I didn't encounter any problem.

I don't know have you received such requirements from oDesk or not yet. I really worry my account is interrupted before oDesk support answer my ticket? What if I can't log in oDesk and contact with them?

You know, it is the second time I encounter serious problems here. The first time is my financial account was suspended because one of my clients didn't verify his payment method. From then on, I have been very carefully and little by little I gained trust and good feedback from my clients. I didn't expect problem occur once again. Oh, really wish someone from oDesk can see my ticket and solve my problem.

Accepting Ids with Chinese

Accepting Ids with Chinese characters kind of flies against the purpose of identity verification which, if I must spell it out, is put in place to VERIFY your IDENTITY. They can't really do that if they can't read your name. These days, if you are working online, you simply cannot get by without identity documents in English, so spend a day in the queues and get yourself a passport. There's nothing else you can really do to my knowledge.

@Kirsten: I don't think you

@Kirsten: I don't think you have any idea how hard it is to get a passport in China. Many people move to other areas but you need to apply for passport at their home town. That can be half way across China.

Then there is the problem that the government offices are not very helpful and there is no guarantee that you'll get your passport no matter how long you stand in line. It is more likely you'll have to come back several times to get it.

I feel sorry for the OP and wasn't aware that you need to verify your id. I am from Holland but lived in China for the last 6 years.

Maybe oDesk should warn people about having to have an international travel document to id themselves. Especially since it's not so easily obtained in many countries. I assume if you're allowed to fly to other countries with that document you can use it on oDesk. The Chinese ID card cannot be used to travel outside of China and that's probably why it has no English on it.

I make it at last!

Dear friends,

Thanks for your help. At last I got my identity verified in oDesk. Well, I don't know the reason, but I resubmit my digital photos of my national ID card and a bank statement in the last attempt. This morning after I logged in oDesk, I happily found I made it at last.

Great to hear that finally

Great to hear that finally you got verified. oDesk probably realized that its going to be a problem with contractors from China and other asian countries that uses own language for their identification. They probably got a Chinese to read the text of your I.D Smile....

More contracts to you!


Thanks! All of my friends.

how on earth did you arrive

how on earth did you arrive at this conclusion?

Hi Bing, congrats, and I'm

Hi Bing, congrats, and I'm sorry I'm late in posting this, I had escalated your issue yesterday and was just about to tell you that I heard back from Support and your ID verification is being processed. Guess you got the good news before I could give you some assurance Smile

oDesk Forum Moderator

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Thanks for what you have done!

Dear oDesk Forum Moderator,

Thanks very much for what you have done for me. You know, I have been worried in the past days. Thank God, the problem was solved at last. No matter when I encounter difficulties, there are always some warm-hearted people provide support to me. I really appreciate it. And I wish oDesk prosper beyond all other websites.