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Copywriting clarification

Attention clients! Copywriting IS NOT copying text from one medium to another, nor is it any other form of human photocopying. Copywriting is the creative process by which written content is prepared for advertisements or marketing material, or skillful manipulation of words that increases the understanding of the reader. It is original content, conceived by the copywriter with the intent of targeting a specific audience for the purpose of promoting a person, business, or product. Copy contains an effective emotional hook, following by a concise call to action. Copywriting takes skill, and knowledge of advertising psychology, so clients, please stop insulting copywriters by labeling your human photocopying jobs as copywriting. Thank you. End rant.

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Irritating, isn't it?

Laughing out loud

It is, and very much so.

It is, and very much so. Though, upon further reflection, I think it might have something to do with the fact that it seems as though a lot of the clients are not native English speakers, so the meaning probably gets lost somewhere in translation. Even realizing that, it is still quite frustrating that 20% of the so called copywriting jobs are nothing more than copy and paste, and would be better categorized as data entry.

Allright Jeff! You will do

Allright Jeff! You will do well here.

Why thank you, Joseph! I

Why thank you, Joseph! I surely do hope that you are correct, as this seems to be a place that I could really enjoy practicing skills that challenge my creativity, and make some money doing it!


That made me Wink

Copywriting - to COPY another person's work and make sure to mark it as your own WRITING? I rest my case.