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licensing design?

Hello, i am new to understanding licensing art and hope to learn more.

If i have designed a original 3d character as a mascot for one company, i give him the copyright to the character for website images. If he uses the character in etc t-shirt, mugs.. do i get some fee for those?

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this might

this might help:

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That depends on your

Choo, that depends on your agreement with that company.

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I'm not an expert on this

I'm not an expert on this section of law. But I believe that licensing a design and receiving royalties for the design are two different things.

Licensing fee is only paid out by a company A to another company B after Company A has the expressed written permission of Company B to use certain items like Logos, Brand name or any Proprietary design which has a good market value.

For example, Only Disney can license any other company to use Mickey Mouse on its product because Mickey Mouse has a very high commercial value and appeals to kids very much and so products like water bottles with Mickey Mouse pic sell like hot cakes.

Now Disney can use Mickey Mouse for its commercial benefit anyway they like but another company who wishes to benefit from this proprietary item, Mickey Mouse need to license it from Disney.

Now as about the royalty part, Ub Iwerks (along with Mr. Walt Disney) is the original creator of Mickey Mouse but since he has sold all the rights to the design to the company Disney and since Mickey Mouse has been such a huge commercial success, he will get a small fee as long as he lives and even if his heirs I believe.

So licensing and Royalty are two different things. A company who has purchased the design or logo from an artist after paying him for it can license it to any other company in exchange for money but for the Artist to receive royalties from the company that he sells the design to is a different thing,.