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What's happening in the US?

Talk about having a slow work day. Every single site I work with is dead to the world. I had a look around and see that there are no public holidays today. Is this an end-of-tax-year problem?

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Maybe its you....

Or you simply don't have enough to do. I doubt every site in the States is idle since I have been on several nonstop for the past 30 hours....

I didn't mention every site

I didn't mention every site in the States. I mentioned every site I work with.


Seems like you fall under the not enough to do category. You made a statement that encompasses a whole country...and their tax system, but vaguely allude to a few sites that you work with, though you don't bother to name them leading the entire forum to assume just about anything they want.

Yeah, too little work on your plate, I happen to be taking time off, otherwise I wouldn't bother with this post of yours that was obviously rhetorical and meant to take up space on oDesk servers.

Good Day.

Heather, I merely asked a

Heather, I merely asked a basic question. Who I work with is irrelevant and, frankly, none of anyone's business. One slow work day out of 365 hardly translates into 'too little work on my plate,' so please take your assumptions and attitude elsewhere.

I work on a US site for an

I work on a US site for an hour and a half a day mostly on weekdays and it's been working fine as the income tax return filing deadline nears. Puzzled