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The sheer nerve of some people... Some twit is trying to sell his oDesk account....

A "job" just posted...


Selling his account, complete with hours etc.

I've flagged it, of course, hope it is taken care off, and the contractor account that goes with it banned too.

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Quote: Some twit is trying to sell his oDesk account

Some twit would be willing to buy it Sad

I think it's gone now, I could not find it.

I saw this, and was wondering

I saw this, and was wondering why someone would do this. Very strange indeed, why would someone want to sell an account with time put in. Better yet, why would anyone buy something like this knowing it's likely to be deleted?

Even bigger question is, why sell it on the oDesk website?

I'm new myself and was concerned if this was permissible. I'm certainly glad it's not.