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Website help?

I hope I am in the right place to ask this question, if not, apologies.

I used a website/hosting company "intuit" to create my website and designed it myself using the standard templates. My website is functional but it is just boring.

Would a website developer and/or graphic designer be the correct person to help improve an existing site? Or do people like to start from the beginning and not work on sites that originate from templates?

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As a general rule of thumb

As a general rule of thumb "makeover" jobs are always less preferable than "complete project" jobs because:

- Doesn't generally pay as well as a complete project.
- You have to spend time working out what the first guy/s has/have done, and this is quite hard to justify as there's nothing in the way of results while you're doing it.
- Surprises. Anything that happens when you're working on a website is your fault. So if there's links to nastyware or something else buried in the site that you inherit, it's your fault...even if you're just replacing a graphic or two.

Having said that, you should find contractors to do a makeover, so you want a website developer if the problem is structural (theme, colours, fonts, layout) or a graphic designer if it's the content that needs spicing up. The line is a little blurry, as most web developers do some graphic design and sometimes vice versa.

NOTE: With Intuit, they only allow sites built using their builder; so it's entirely possible that there may be limits to what code the makeover artist can use and the toys available. As a side note, the price ($7.99 for the starter pack) is buried in the FAQ AND when I clicked through to try and find the price; the site told me to come back with IE (HAHAHA!) or Firefox...this says to me that the Intuit sites may not be totally standards-compliant so you may be losing potential customers if it all works like that.


Thank you so much for your insightful response!