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I have observed that there is a lot of spam jobs being posted repeatedly. All of the spam jobs have exactly the same content. The payment method is not verified in all of these spam job postings. I'm sure that they're not from a new and genuine client because the contents are exactly the same in all of the job ads. I just can't understand why somebody is doing this. Why do they keep posting the same jobs again and again and what exactly do they get from doing this? I don't think they are the neobux spammers.

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What do they have from that,

What do they have from that, I don't know. Maybe they are hoping that some people will fall for that so they can scam them.

But I do notice that oDesk is getting worse on daily basis. Constant bad and undesired updates (I'm still waiting for ONE (!) that I can say "yes, that is exactly what we needed!"), spam/scam jobs, more and more unresponsive clients, etc.
I'm thinking that oDesk is sinking... rapidly.

BTW, what the heck happened to this forum? Again new update on website??

Do manager of oDesk even hear what the problems are??? They are not going away with nicer fonts and more colors!

+, nicer fonts and more

+, nicer fonts and more colors won't change the fact that the structure of this forum is ridiculous. Change the way the replies are handled, guys - fonts were fine as they were.

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I'd love to know who makes

I'd love to know who makes all of these decisions, who exactly oversees oDesk as a whole? Whoever it is, they do a very bad job of making oDesk the best it could be.

Off-topic, I find it absolutely ridiculous that as a contractor, we can "verify" who we are by sending documents to oDesk to prove who we are, yet we get no benefit from it at all. We don't even have something on our profile that says "Verified contractor" - so what's the point?!

oDesk Frustration , ID Verification

Seems to me that flagging spam does nothing to prevent it. Very frustrating.

AFAIK, the benefit is that the number of available applications are increased, which isn't beneficial to me as I don't use them all anyway. oDesk may ask randomly for verification, and lock your account if you don't provide it. oDesk states "Users that are ID Verified also receive added benefits and service in the oDesk marketplace, including faster resolution of payment issues and disputes." (anything has to be faster than what oDesk normally does)

As for what these added benefits are other than the two things explicitly mentioned, you guess and I'll agree. I've never seen anyone mention said benefits in the forum. Perhaps I wasn't looking in the right place.