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Would this *** oDesk Team App?

I am continually searching on improving my internet so I can be more productive. All ISPs in my country suck and unreliable. Well atleast on my area are all wireless and unreliable and overly congested. No hardwired internet available such as DSL or Cable internet.

Anyway, the point is I am turning my eye on a DUAL WAN router(planning to connect 2 WiMax connections). So yes I would like to have 2 or more internet sources. How would this affect oDesk Team App? Especially during time tracking? You guys have a policy of not starting the timer on two different locations so would this also apply? as the 2 ISPs have different IPs running at the same time.

I am also turning my eye onto Connectify Dispatch, a software for internet load balancing that could save me from buying a DUAL WAN router but then again the similar question arises. I am planning to merge my WiMax and my 4G modem dongle using Connectify Dispatch but I am afraid to use it for work.

I am not sure if I am being totally n00b or what but I am not sure how they would work or react while working on oDesk time tracking. Probably it would confuse the oDesk system and ended up as suspended or whatever. I hope not.

I hope someone clears my doubts and noobness.

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I've got Connectify Dispatch as well, but haven't tried it

I was wondering the same thing! My Internet isn't fast enough, but I have a dongle and a phone AND have bought Connectify Dispatch (long story) but haven't had the guts to try it yet....

I won't have time until the weekend but will try it then and let you know what happens with the time tracker if the internet is being combined from 2 or three sources... I guess it'll depend on whether Dispatch creates one common IP thingie (Yes, I'm really technical.... NOT) or ends up transmitting two or three???

I thought I was alone in this

Thanks Petra. I am eager to know what would it do to oDesk so I can decide if whether to purchase a lifetime license of Connectify Dispatch or not. It is a lot cheaper than purchasing expensive DUAL WAN router. They work similarly anyway -internet load balancing.

No worries

When the internet connectivity goes down due to ISP1, oDesk team application would still work, record the number keystrokes, mouse clicks and take screenshots. When we connect with ISP2, oDesk team application would simply upload the cached content. It happens whenever my regular electricity (thus internet) goes down and when I turn on backup internet / electricity. However, I have never switched between two ISPs, so often. Doing so, may become suspicious, as you already mentioned.

Basically, I haven't had any issue/s in switching between ISPs, while running oDesk team application. However, I'd be cautious in using "Connectify Dispatch" or any similar tool.