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End Money You Received

Could you guys share here, how much you received 'EXACTLY' through withdrawal method provided? It could be something like below:

  1. oDesk -> PayPal -> Local Bank -> Us, or
  2. oDesk -> Local Bank -> Us, or
  3. Possibly any other method you've known so far.

The latest post could might becomes reference we could based on, especially for beginner since a penny means a lot. We most really care about the Rupiahs in hand, regardless amount of dollars we've collected.

Besides, as we know, applying a credit card here in our country is not a 'beginner-thing'. At least get Rp. 3million monthly salary to be considered and perhaps approved. Meanwhile, having it is a prerequisite to get a verified account on PayPal.

Your replies could be like:
oDesk -> PayPal -> BCA -> Me
$100 -> Rp980.000,-

Or might be...

oDesk -> Mandiri -> Me
$500 -> Rp 4.850.000,-

Thanks in advance for your help and replies.

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