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"dp" filter not working when returning jobs


Based on your documentation you are saying that a value of 0, 1, 3, 14 etc should be used for the "dp" field. I've tried all combinations and have not been able to get any successful results. No matter what I set the most recent 20 jobs returned by the API are from today 9th September.

I've read mixed reports on the web about how "dp" should be used. Some say it should be a single value (like above) others that it should be an actual date and one other source saying it should be a date range.

Can someone please assist?

Essentially i want to be able to view jobs ONLY posted from today.



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hi Benjamin, you can't filter

hi Benjamin,

you can't filter jobs by exact posted date, instead you're able to get jobs for last 24 hours. According to doc you should use dp=0 ("Last 24 hours = '0'"), i.e.