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How can I pay my applicants for editing a sample photo?

I want to pay my applicants .50 to edit one photo for me to show me their work. How should I go about this? This is my first time hiring on odesk.

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Hi Brittany, You'll have to

Hi Brittany,

You'll have to hire your applicants in order to pay them.

I suggest you shortlist two to three applicants and then hire them to do the sample, later on you can close off the contracts with a payment to the ones you don't intend to keep and continue with the one you select. If you plan to keep this a fixed price job, you can simply keep adding payments to the existing contract. For an hourly job you'll need to create a new contract.

Hope this helps!

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As an added note

Making the contract worth $1, rather than $.50, allows both parties to leave feedback when it ends. Such a small dollar amount wont count for much in the actual ratings over time because those are weighted financially and, hopefully, both client and applicants here have more lucrative contracts. However, any amount of positive feedback is always a good thing.