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********* Important for clients *****

I would like every client to know that , Odesk have brought the new feature which is so buggy . There is Hidden Tab in your Job posting page , Where all the potential freelancers are thrown into by Odesk .

The reason Odesk gives, copy/paste Cover letter

The qualification does not meet

I personally tested it and written custom letter and i met with all Qualification of Odesk with Green check box on my profile . still they got in Hidden tab

1. I see people with 5 star rating

2. 1000+ hours billed

3. Similar work completed in feedback's

and still they are thrown in Hidden Tab . So its requested to clients don't miss to look into hidden Tab and the Top 10 freelancer they are recommending are newcomers or Best match is so horrified with you see " New to odesk "

so Shameful of you odesk to do this with all best and experienced candidates .

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I wish I knew it earlier

I came to know this thing about a week ago. I wish I had known it earlier. During to past few weeks, oDesk has been total waste of time for me. None of my applications get any response. So much time wasted on writing those custom letters.

My feedback score is 4.98 (no kidding) and I have completed about 1000 hours + many fixed price jobs. However, for some reason oDesk thinks I do not qualify for any jobs I am applying for. They want to make computers smarter than people. This is not going to happen anytime soon. Not with even Alan Turing on board.

Raise Ticket

Raise Ticket and let them know


Yes, I did that today and (not unexpectedly) got the generic reply so far. I am just hoping they will fix it or all the past hard work on building a great profile will be wasted!

How do you check?

Hi Bharti,

Is there some way you can check if your application has been hidden, or are you being informed of this by your existing clients?

Exiting clients

Exiting clients informed me and i am so in trouble

Same thing happening with

Same thing happening with me... Sad

oDesk not commenting

That is really not good. Lucky for you you have loyal clients who seek you out. What about the rest of us who are still starting out?

Besides the new "reassuring" posts from oDesk, they are very silent when it comes to responding to the numerous threads and complaints surrounding this issue.

Says it all

You have clients who like you and trust you so much that they are willing to tell you the details of their hiring practices, yet oDesk thinks you aren't qualified to work for them.

Not even a single client is

Not even a single client is contacting now...because my cover letter is going into hidden of my client told me that my application is in hidden folder.....this is really annoying....are we just wasting our time to apply jobs over here?? please reply odesk Sad

Found a email where you guys can contact

Here is the email you guys can actually email and request to roll back this feature


*[Removed by Admin]

I have sent an email to her,

I have sent an email to her, lets wait for the response. Sad

Hi Bharti, Please stop

Hi Bharti,

Please stop posting email IDs on the forum.

Users can send concerns to match-feedback@odesk or Customer Support. We have dedicated this particular email for your feedback and concerns regarding this issue.


oDesk Forum Moderator

Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

Your Match email bounce back

Hey Stop ? You stopping us to work here . The email you mentioning is bouncing back . How come some suppose to work here anymore where there hand written application goes to dustbin .

come on .

Let's be honest guys, we all

Let's be honest guys, we all know many people from ** copy/paste cover letters without reading the application.

I could show you last few jobs this happened on, some applied to multiple jobs and used the same cover letter!!!!!!!!!

There is a reason why many of us are now asking questions or asking for a reply to be made with a phrase so we can see who is actually reading the app.

I'm not saying everyone does it, but enough that odesk felt the need to do something about it. Whats worse is now the questions, if I ask a dev about specific programming methods, I see that they are copying and pasting answers right from google..bad bad bad...

*"Removed by admin"



Why the blank posts?

There's been a lot of spamming forums recently, but spamming them with nothing? Why do you keep leaving a blank post on every other thread?

Trying to keep the threads

Trying to keep the threads bumped to the top of the list?

Exactly, people are not aware

Exactly, people are not aware of the fact...that they are being hidden...i showed my certificates to odesk and I am highly qualified for the jobs I am applying...still they putting me in the HIDDEN tab, i want all the contractors to know about this bug Sad

Not aware?

There are so many threads on this topic that it would be hard for anyone who visits the forum to not know that contractors are being hidden. And your bumping posts does not help people who don't visit the forum.

As an aside, it would be nice if mods would consolidate threads on the same topic. Every time oDesk introduces a new feature or there's a new bug, people start new threads without checking if the issue has already been discussed.

so what to do now? I had a

so what to do now? I had a chat with odesk live support and they keep sending me generic responses.

If an employer does not visit

If an employer does not visit the forums, they probably wouldn't be aware of it.


And if they don't visit the forums, then these posts aren't helping them.