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Job Profile API returning error always


Whenever I am fetching Job Profile using job__reference from Offers object, I get following error:


{"server_time":1392812877,"error":{"status":"400","code":"4","message":"Parameter key is missing or invalid"}}

And, If I use Key value from Offers object, then I get following error:


stdClass Object
[server_time] => 1392812611
[error] => stdClass Object
[status] => 404
[code] => 274
[message] => No job with id 262819934 was found

Any help will be appreciated.


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forgot to mention, this API

forgot to mention,
this API was working fine with job__reference couple of days back

Hello Sandeep, this api

Hello Sandeep,

this api doesn't accept job reference for some time, not only a couple days. You must use job key, please check documentation.

As for ~~9bbc35636ed6cd4b, this job doesn't really exist. Please, verify provided key.

I am getting error on all

I am getting error on all jobs even if I use "key" value from Offer object returned by API ( ).



No job with id 263585345 was found


No job with id 263581118 was found


No job with id 263579019 was found


No job with id 263577708 was found


No job with id 263575657 was found


No job with id 263556812 was found

Can you tell if offers API is still active or I should switch to some other API?

Sandeep, 1. I don't see


1. I don't see mentioned jobs under as well
2. the mentioned API is still working, but migration was announced some time ago, we recommend migrate your code on Contractor Offers API and/or Client Offers API as soon as possible.

I think I am stuck 1. my code

I think I am stuck

1. my code was working fine. something from your end has changed in Offers API which caused problem.

2. For an Offers Object

Processing offer objectstdClass Object
[key] => ~~eebb4fa460e09964
[job__reference] => 203705327
[my_role] => provider
[reference] => 263880076
[job__title] => Casual 2D Game Development

Now this job is accessible using "reference" not "job__reference".

And, if I access this job application using then i get error.

3. Contractor Offers ( does not return me same data as Offers API does. How can I get same data?


Sandeep, 1. all job


1. all job references values must be replaced with job keys, all parameter names stay the same
2. you must migrate your code from old Offer API to a new. Please note that old Offer API will be depricated in future.

need help

I am trying to get agency provider offers and jobs linked to those offers

But i noticed that Old Offers API return offer object for an offer reference ( ) whereas new Contractor Offers API ( ) returns error "Not access to offer's data". Why is this so?

Similarly, old offers API returns list of all offers received but new contractor offers API doesn't return anything.

But I cannot use Old Offers API now (like I was using earlier) because job__refererence / key returned by old offers API are not valid for Jobs API. ( as mentioned in this thread earlier )

Now I tried to access Job through Message Center API as we can get Job ID from context tag given in thread node. But there is no known way to convert Job ID to Job Key (cypher text). Job Key is required to get job details from Jobs API. But then also, there is no information about Offer linked to that job as Job object doesn't provide that information.

I tried all of this from Agency Owner's account.

Please help.

Sandeep, 1. you must get a


1. you must get a reference from Contractor Offers API and use get by reference in scope of the same API
2. there are two Offer APIs - Client and Contractor, which require proper access and return proper data. Looks like you need Client Offer API
3. Message Center API is not designed to return Offer data

Please check Client Offer API and update your code accordingly.