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Losing money on my worked time because of time tracker

I am extremely irritated with the way the time tracker saves our time. Why does it only track time up to the last screenshot? I have been noticing that the screenshots are saved at different intervals. Some are only every 3 minutes or so, but others are close to 20 minutes. If I stop thr tracker at one of the moments where a screenshot hasn't been taken for say 18 minutes, that means I lose out on that 18 minutes of pay. This time adds up to a very large amount over the course of a week, meaning I am losing a lot of money.

I don't consider that fair in my book.

Why is it that oDesk can't develop a better version that tracks up until the time we stop working? Benefits everyone! Not only is it helping is out, but would also make more money for oDesk, right? They do get paid off of our time too.

It makes me watch for a screenshot to occur before I stop it sometimes, which gets a little annoying . This also can cause less work to get accomplished because one may pay more attention for the saved screenshot message to appear than actually putting time in for what they are supposed to be doing.

FIX THIS ODESK!!! I am sure this can't be an issue you haven't heard before.

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Anyone else with same worry?

I think oDesk needs to update this, so we are getting the money we earn.

Not really

Please check the help section. There has also been a lot written about this over the years in the forum.
I do not want to go through it all over again.
The screen shots are randomly taken at some point within that 10 minutes, the operative word here is randomly and that is by design so you do not game the system.
There is nothing to be fixed, this is the way it works. Do not turn off your tracker until the last screen shot is taken.

Here is one link to get you started:

Didn't pay much attention to this

until I read this thread.I might have lost 20 min or so today. It was my mistake the first time. I tried to log off from the software and it said it was uploading something. I closed that popup window. That's how I lost the first 10 mins' work. The second time, I worked for about 10 mins after the screen shot was taken then logged off, but that last ten mins work had no prove.

Thanks Margaret!

Margaret P. wrote:
Do not turn off your tracker until the last screen shot is taken.

Guess I know what I should do next time:)

Not a good system

I understand why it takes random screenshots, but it could at least track our time even though it doesn't take that last screen shot. I am not trying to as you say, "game the system", but I do believe the way it is set up, the system is gaming us!

it's not

I agree. For the longest I was under the impression that it would save the time since the last screenshot, and add it towards the screenshot next time I logged in. Took me 3800 hours to figure out that's not the case (I know, I know). I don't even want to tally up how much money I've lost over the years, since I always turn off the clock when using the restroom, making coffee, etc. Expensive lesson learned.