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Fixation of Minimum Bids on Projects

Minimum wage fixation implemented by odesk administration is not helpful especially for Pakistani community. I am feeling little disheartened now a days due to this long test process. I think it's the end of my odesk career!

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Up your rate.

Hi Riasat

The minimum rate is unfair because it is not across the board. But you should give some thought to the rate you are charging.

$6 for 10 hours work? Out of interest what can you buy in Pakistan for $6?

By offering these low rates, you are not only devaluing yourself, but you are also encouraging the "slave trade" on oDesk.

Your ratings are good, do you really believe you are only worth $0.56 per hour?

No to Slave Rates

oDesk should really make the minimum rate for ALL contracts for hourly jobs at least $3 per hour and all fixed price contract to be at least worth $10.

The slave traders are clogging up the system, no wonder why the servers are always overloaded.

oDesk should take action to protect contractors, plus, doing this will increase site revenue.

Who cares if the slave traders go away? Let them clog up other sites (if other such sites exists).

I've seen a girl's profile and she worked over 1,000 hours at only $0.05/hr, is she seriously crazy or is she getting paid out of the site? Hmm

Almost 5 months for $50.

Almost 5 months for $50. Surely one of oDesk's programs can pick this up. That can only be off site payment.

Maybe that is the trend that has caught on; not only is oDesk getting ripped off, but the honest freelancers are jobless.

Yes, its either offsite

Yes, its either offsite payment or someone is super desperate. I can understand newbies who work for $1/hr just to get ratings but to see freelancers with over 1000 hours getting paid pennies is mind-numbing.

I've read posts about this,

I've read posts about this, and haven't haven't personally experienced it, but some companies use the oDesk time tracker and not the full system, they have a special deal. You may come across profiles with thousands of hours booked at $.01 .... not sure if this pertains to the girl, but could be?

That is what I suspect as

That is what I suspect as well, that they are just using the site to track time but is getting paid some other way.

Too bad I didn't bookmark that girl's profile but surely oDesk will find a way to find people like this if they wanted.

oDesk needs to get rid of people like this, not only are they polluting the marketplace but is abusing the site's functions too.

I think this is allowed by

I think this is allowed by oDesk. As Tony said, a "special deal."

You mean that the client paid

You mean that the client paid oDesk the $500 thing?