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 I paid good money to join as a free lance writer only to be told that I have to take tests about what you do on Odesk-- well here is something for starters...

 I have read and reread all of your policy, even downloaded it to read just to make sure that I have it correctly in order to 'pass' your tests. So as I was taking my test (again) it (again) quit at test number19 and gave me my test results as failing.

 So just what exactly does this mean?????????????

 I am 40 years old, have had several poems and articles published since 1994 and yet for some reason the only questions on this so called test is about how Odesk works, this is not what the questions should be about.

I am tired of paying good money for web sites that do not live up to their 'word'

or anything that pertains to being a good business!

I will be calling and discussing this with the Free Lance Writers that gave you as a way to make money-- they obvisously don't know about your tests and I will make it very plain to them to take you off of their lists of businesses to work for.


 Jenifer Hale

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There is no fee for joining

There is no fee for joining oDesk - all monies to oDesk is taken out of the amount billed to buyers after you are hired. If you paid money, you got scammed by someone else, not oDesk.

Regarding the oDesk Readiness Test: it's about how oDesk works because you have to be familiar with the tools in order to be hired here.  If your test is stopping in the middle, it is most likely due to intermittent/flaky internet connections or possibly antivirus interference (which causes connection problems).

If you cannot complete the test because it stops in the middle, submit a help ticket.  Be sure to include all the details of the error (i.e.: which question you were on, exact error message if you received one, which browser you are using, which version of Windows or MacOS you are using, etc).  If it turns out to be a connection issue and you can get it resolved, support can probably reset your test score so you can retake the test.

- Danalyn

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- Danalyn

Pretty amazing

It's pretty amazing that you joined a month ago and only decided to report a problem today? And, I would like to know WHEN you paid money to join oDesk since the other 174,782 didn't pay a dime to join.

If a test stops somewhere in the middle there is a restart link (a network connection error)? It's pretty amazing that a 25 question test would stop consistently at the 19th question day in and day out for a whole month.

There is only ONE REQUIRED TEST and it's a Readiness test which allows people to FULLY UNDERSTAND how the system works so that they don't violate the Terms of Service which you claim you downloaded - you must have a very special system since it's not down-loadable.  Maybe before you complain in an open forum you should make sure you are logged onto the right website because you clearly have oDesk confused with another site!

One additional comment then I'll get off my soapbox

I am 40 years old, have had several poems and articles published since 1994
if this is your field why are you listing data entry jobs as your primary focus? Why not Writing instead?


Doreen, you won't mind a little tactlessness on my part...

"Several poems and articles" over 15 years doesn't sound like a professional writer.

But this does sound like a very frustrated and confused person. Where's your usual kindness toward the clueless?


Yes there's definitely a measure of clueless in that posting - -  I thought I'd pointed that out fairly clearly (fees paid to oDesk, 19 times taking a test and failing, whining) and thought that a bit of tact might not hurt.  Poems are probably not in significant demand here but articles are :)  Doreen

Primary Focus- Family

Because I have 4 kids- one in college, one just gave birth last week, two in high school plus we are both disabled (husband and eldest boy have special needs), as much as I love to write creatively I have to have what most people need to pay-- bills

Creative Writing takes time when you actually want the big money- which takes money to actually get to the big money- sent in the final work of my book Inner Circle to Vantage Press they sent back a publishing proposal which said it will cost $18,000.00 just for soft cover edition with $5k due for 3 months and $3k as the last payment. The poems and short stories were entered in contests and the winner was published.

So until I have saved up I am looking for what will keep the roof over our heads, hot running water, and food in our stomach-- which is data processing and entry.

It has been pretty hard for me to get online to take the tests in the first place which is why it has been a month of taking the readiness test-- it also takes a while to get from one page to the next on my slow computer; meaning it takes too long to process-- since money in my household is scarse I am very lucky that it works at all! LOL

Thank You for asking Doreen

Good Money paid for entry

I pay FreeLance Home Writers- they have link to this site as a business needing home writers.

I am new to the site and that is why I left the message on the forum so that people can help me to understand a little better how this site works so I can pass that test.

 I used the links provided and yet still failed, guess I still need a tutor. Course I don't have the best patience and I get frustrated easily-- especially if already upset to begin with. So care to tutor me? Please Doreen?

 My first publication was in 1983 for the school newspaper (Harold Oliver Raiders.) Yes in fifteen years it has been a little hard with creative writing-- a bout with cancer from 1989 to 98- while pregnant with my second child, in 2000 major surgery on my knees, 2 kids hospitalized for appendix, car accident involving a bike- not to mention the fact that while recovering from the cancer to find out the surgery was not successful in '98 which means more hospitalization and doctor visits (everything must comes out clean and clear for 5 years in order to be considered out of the woods), which spiralled us into homelessness because my income had stopped and had to start over.

 Now I know that everyone has bad times and can live through it, I could go on about how easy it is to write and take care of everyone and everything if none of the above had ever happened. But that is not the case- 2003 the test results started coming back abnormal. I have text to speech software which helps me with typing (I am just starting to get a handle on how the software works) there I said it, thank you for helping me to actually come to terms with the fact that my life will end sooner than I'd like.

Well you asked and now you know-- I am glad that you asked much better than calling my support. Innocent

Pretty Amazing

Quote- There is only ONE REQUIRED TEST and it's a Readiness test which allows people to FULLY UNDERSTAND how the system works so that they don't violate the Terms of Service which you claim you downloaded - End Quote

There is a downloadable version only it is called a PDF it's just like a book only it opens with Adobe Reader- you are familiar with that software right? Which I downloaded for later review   IT works great with my text to speech.

 I am used to people with tons of sarcasm since that is all I get here at home which is one of the reasons I have no patience. Tongue


So let me get this clear

You paid another system to access oDesk  well you really need to do your homework because oDesk charges NO ACCESS FEE.  Also I have NO idea what you downloaded in PDF Format but it was not from oDesk.  All help files can be found here - oddly enough the same help files will enable you to pass the Readiness test.  In fact, the Readiness test has a LINK ON EVERY QUESTION that tells you where to find the answer.

If you can show me where you downloaded a manual from any link on oDesk I'll eat my socks. Since I've been here more than two years I have a fair suspicion that I know what I'm talking about and you don't.

  But you need to get something PERFECTLY clear.

A) You did not pay a fee to oDesk - you paid a fee to a site that is clearly someone who is collecting fees from people and guaranteeing them nothing - that has NOTHING to do with oDesk. In fact here is a person who blogged about a problem with that site In fact, you might want to consider cancelling your subscription with them YESTERDAY since it also means this:

The negative comments and complaints about this company primarily stem from
their billing process.  They offer a 7 day trial period of their services
for $2.95.  If you do not cancel in time they will begin auto-billing your
credit card for $47 per month.
so the answer is YOU GOT SCAMMED.

B)  Look, I empathize with your personal situation, we all have our own share of reasons why we are here - and while empathy is to be had, none of your personal circumstances are going to help you land a job so blaming your issues with the site on your lack of speed on your computer isn't going to help. You have indicated in prior posts that you have a variety of problems including a low speed computer (and it sounds very out of date) - if this is the case, then you're really pushing your luck because all of your work would be online and how are you going to manage that with a lousy connection.

C)  Your attitude that oDesk OWES you something because you were referred here by a third party site is beyond comprehension. You claim to have freelancing experience and yet your attitude shows a very different picture.  Grow up.  If you're going to work in the freelance market you better develop a thicker skin for yourself. 

People are not going to help you succeed if you come off with what I call "PMS" - Poor Me Syndrome.  Really, if you want help there's a wealth of people who will help you with information, with dressing up your profile and portfolio and will offer helpful hints but frankly, we don't abide whining so well.

So first things first:

1.  Make sure you cancel future payments to the site who offered you oDesk for 47 dollars a month which you could have gotten for free:

2.  Read the Help Files here on Odesk forget whatever PDF you downloaded from whereever you downloaded it;

3. Do something about your profile to dress it up;

4. DO NOT apply for data entry jobs - they are not going to pay you enough to put food on the table.


I am used to people with tons of sarcasm since that is all I get here at home which is one of the reasons I have no patience.
you can say that what I was telling you was sarcasm but it was definitely not.  You failed to review the site and you point a finger at oDesk without having a single clue what you were talking about.  You were scammed by a 3rd party and you're lashing out - lash out at them (have fun I've seen many posts about how easy it is to deal with them).  Just make sure before you post any comments that you have SOME clue what you're talking about since you clearly didn't when you made your first post here.

BTW: you said you came here because it was listed on the other site as a business who needed writers and yet you set up a profile for data entry.  Also, if they were telling you the truth in the other site they would have told you that oDesk was a marketplace that you had to bid on jobs.