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A quick thanks to oDesk

I notice that in the recent restructuring of the site at least some of the providers from Taiwan, including myself, have had their location information changed from "Taiwan, Province of China" to simply "Taiwan."

So thanks to oDesk for fixing that and taking a tiny step forwards for democracy in Asia! Smile

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Thanks to Odesk

I am very happy I took the decision and joined Odesk, and want to tell you my story. Despite I have lots of qualifications, I was at home jobless for more than 15 months because I gave birth to twins last summer and before that I had a terrible pregnancy. Till one day last December I decided to go through my spam mailBox to empty it, where I found an invitation from a site that sells you ebooks about creative writing. Since I had nothing to do and I have a crush on writing I decided to follow this email. It opened a new door to it mentionned ODesk (en passant) as a way you can earn money virtually. I didn't believe it in the beginning..but I decided what do I have to loose?

I visited the home page of oDesk and the first thing that drew my attention was this meter that shows how much did people earn on Odesk!! ( Come on, now it will ask me for 70 or 90 or 120 dollars to join). But to my greatest surprise it was free. Free??!!!. So let's go and take the tour of the site. I didn't feel the time passing I found many jobs i could apply for so this encouraged me to create my profile, and imagine? two days later after applying for my first jobI was hired and started to earn money. Then I got a seccond job and a third job, It is unbelievable! The more good feedbacks you receive the more people trust you, and now I can hardly find time to apply for all these jobs that I want to, because I am already working.. I mean really working..Full time busy earning good money.. did I tell you I hired a baby sitter.. (Now I can afford it thanks to Odesk).

Don't tell her about oDesk.

Rania A. wrote:
...did I tell you I hired a baby sitter.. (Now I can afford it thanks to Odesk).
Don't tell her about oDesk, or she will go writing too, like you Smile

LOL.  oDesk: The world's

LOL.  oDesk: The world's most public-best-kept secret! 

Danalyn West, oDesk Marketing
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What a breath of fresh air!! Someone who put their mind to making sure they got a job and didn't complain! I'm glad you were so successful and continue to be and continued success to you!  Doreen