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Wishful Thinking

I just wish that oDesk would be able to someday, allow providers to be able to receive their pay already converted to their respective currencies (e.g. USD for USA, Php for Philippines, INR for India.)

 What do you think guys?

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We've been thinking about something along these lines...

We have been envisioning longer term solutions and we would like to know a bit more about what you are looking for. What is attractive about this? Is it that you would like better exchange rates and fees? Or are you looking for more predictability in terms of the amounts you receive? If the former, we're always looking for ways to decrease the cost of making withdrawals, even with our current vendors. The latter is more difficult - in global transactions there will always be currency risk. The best we can do is hedge some of that risk, but we'd have to be significantly bigger before it makes sense for us.

Thank you,

Product Manager,