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French translation test

Hello everyone,

I am not at all sure that this is the right category to post this question. I simply want to know if Odesk plans on adding a French / English translation test to its tests? The only available translation skill tests are Russian, Spanish and Italian ...

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We had expert ratings (the

We had expert ratings (the test vendor) add one, but there were some problems with it. So it's been removed while they create a new one.

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Thanks for answering!

Thanks for answering!

Any update on French translation tests?

I've been asking for weeks about French tests. "Help" says they exist, but they don't.

Jaqui - any news?

Jaqui - any idea when the updated French-English and English-French translation tests will be back?



I sent a reminder to the

I sent a reminder to the testing manager. He got in touch with the testing vendor. They should be live now.

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Thanks Jacqui!

Just took the French-English. Take a look at my profile and see why I wanted to be able to show my French skills Smile




Thanks for getting those tests fixed up. They are looking much, much more professional. So now we can be tested on our abilities and skills in a fair manner!!! I now have some great scores to show for my knowledge on my profile including a 1st and a 2nd place! Thank you so much!