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Reminder: No logos as portraits / fake names on profiles

Some of you may have received an email or will be receiving an email about identity policy violations on your profile.

Your account has been flagged by other members of the oDesk Community because you are in violation of our identity policy. You are not alone in this, there are several accounts which have been flagged.

Please review our identity policy here: and update your profile accordingly.

For anyone who may not be aware, the identity policy forbids (among other things):

  • Using a logo as a profile portrait
  • Using any picture that isn't of you as a profile portrait
  • Using a fake name on your profile

Users who fail to update their profiles in a timely manner may be suspended. As always, we appreciate the community's assistance in flagging any profile that violates any oDesk policy.

When these notifications were sent out via email, it was noted that several bounced as undeliverable. So I'd also like to remind you to check your personal email address on file. It's very important that it's a deliverable address so oDesk (and your buyers) can reach you.

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So many

There are so many here with the wrong picture. Some have pictures from the internet. I saw one person from India that sure did look like Michael J Fox.


I also like the cut and paste profiles that are copied from other, unrelated websites...