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I will be LEAVING ODesk for Good

I've had the worst experience with a customer service rep: (removed) here on Odesk and just won't take it anymore.  Especially when there are three other GREAT freelance websites with excellent customer service:, and   

Although I have an excellent reputation here and have served as a buyer and provider, ODesk has sent this horrible customer service rep to threaten the closure of my account for using the name of my HR manager!  This is ludicrous and I advise all ahead of time, if you ever have a problem or concern ODesk will NOT address it properly.  I even had my account frozen once because a buyer over paid me and I couldn't even get access to my other funds from other buyers.  This was no fault of my own, yet ODesk was unresponsive, I had to actually call a million times and now I don't even see where they have the phone numbers listed anymore.  I plan to write the Board of Directors and owners about my horrible experience here and advise others with similar bad experiences to do the same.


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Sorry for your experience

I am certainly sorry that you feel we have handled your account inappropriately. We do have a number of policies in place to protect our community, and our business, and the rep in question is charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with our policies.  To the extent that our policies do not suit you or your business, it is certainly understandable that you would choose to do business elsewhere. That said, the policies are part of our terms of use, and as such, we do expect and require compliance. Should you choose to continue on oDesk, we welcome your participation within the parameters of our terms of use.

Shannon Adkins

Director, Customer Success


I cannot believe you remove the help desk person's name

Guess complaints of rudeness and being short tempered with folks just seeking some assistance must go up to a higher level in the org.

Forum Usage Guidelines


We adhere to the same guidelines for forum usage as we always have. Names are always removed by the admin.

I assure you, I have investigated this case. All complaints are investigated, and reps are coached in an effort to improve customer satisfaction across the board. That said, when policies are perceived as unfair/harmful, a rep with the responsibility to address these violations will not be met with a warm reception. The rep in question consistently meets and exceeds customer satisfaction benchmarks, and coaching on how to better handle this type of ticket in the future has been delivered.

I hope that addresses your concern.

oDesk has account

oDesk has account permissions in place that can allow your HR person to carry out his or her job duties without two people sharing the same name/account. A provider should be working for the person they have been communicating with. Otherwise, someone else is assuming responsibility for a work relationship that they may not even be a part of. Imagine if the tables were turned and you were working with a Provider who was using someone else's name/account.


Mrs D. wrote:

I've had the worst experience with a customer service rep: (removed)


I could have sworn that someone said if odesk edits a post that it says who edited the post.  Now I don't really care who did it.  I'm just trying to remember if I heard that. 

I usually use something like

I usually use something like *removed by admin* - as I'm the one who handles edits 95% of the time, that's probably what you're used to seeing.

In this case I was unavailable that morning so it was removed by either the support manager above or another member of her team at her request.

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