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Previous memo and uploading cache in oDesk Team for Mac OS X

Hi all,

does any one have a problem with Mac OS X oDesk where previous memo drop down always contains only the last memo and "None"? And that previous memo is not a previous memo for that team, but rather absolutely the last thing you entered there.
I would expect this to keep a list of last 10 memo messages for each team, and only offer you those memo messages that you previously entered when logged in to that team.

And I don't understand why when I suspend the oDesk Team (via menu option) its last screen grab is not uploaded in the background if internet connection is still available. Right now, it uploads it the next time I "Resume" oDesk Team.

Also, I would prefer if oDesk Team would prompt me for the team I want to login to when I first start the app, instead of just logging in to the team I was last logged in to. Anyone else finds this "auto login to previous team on start-up" annoying?


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If you don't wish to log

If you don't wish to log into the last team, just hit disconnect before you shut down the app. But I will pass on the suggestion for a disable auto-login preference.

Do you think you could report these behavioral quirks by contacting support? They can transfer the ticket to the correct developer. This is actually more effective than me just sending out an email about the issue. Please include your OS and system details and the version number of the Team app. If you have logging enabled in the Team preferences, please attach a copy of the log file - it will help the Mac developers isolate the issue.

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