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Suggestion: allow providers to set an hourly rate for each job type so they are more marketable

I'm sure there are lots of providers like myself who are capable of doing several types of jobs for buyers. Some work is harder, more technical, or requires more skill -- while other work can be easier and less of a cognitive burden on the provider.

I'd like to be able to set a lower hourly rate for the easier job types I am qualified for, so that I am more marketable in those areas -- but maintain a higher hourly rate for more difficult, technical, or skill-dense job types.

I see this as a win/win/win for providers, buyers, and oDesk because providers with a wide skill set would be more available to a wider set of buyers, and oDesk would make more money too because it's likely that providers like myself would be utilized more by buyers if my hourly rate was in line for each of the job areas for which i'm qualified.

Example: I would not want to charge someone $20 - $30 /hr to answer email or write SEO articles. But I would not want to offer functional QA testing for $1 - $5/hr, either.


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I have my hourly rate

I have my hourly rate (lowered a lot after I saw for what rates people are willing to work....) and when I apply to an easier job I just write in my cover letter that I am willing to do it for such and such rate.

Also, you can change your hourly rate once you submit your cover letter. So the buyer sees your new rate...

There you are, two options!

Good luck... Wink


You get to set your rate on

You get to set your rate on every individual application - even if it was a buyer-initiated invitation. There's no need for you to apply at your 'advertised profile rate' (though many people do). Think of your profile rate as your list price or MSRP - it's what you're trying to sell your services for, but that doesn't mean you won't give a discount sometimes.


And as was already mentioned, if you need to change your rate on a particular application (the job turns out to be harder than you'd expected, or you negotiate a lower rate) you can change it in My Jobs > Candidacies.


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