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New to - Created Profile - Described My Company (as Provider) - Submitted it ALL & Got LOCKED OUT!!!!

About 2 hours ago I signed up as a Provider at

I did ALL the required requests for INFO.

After completing the "DESCRIBE YOUR COMPANY" I clicked "SUBMIT" and I LOST EVERYTHING. All it said was "Sorry, there were problems with your input and that my company web-site was not valid".

I don't have a web-site presently and one is "Under Construction". It took me 1 1/2 HOURS to get to that point and, NOW, all for naught!!!

IF a web-site is required, is it (?), WHY isn't that very important tid-bit of info. related in the beginning??? So, now, 2 ^%*^% HOURS LATER, my COMPANY DESCRIPTION is LOST and all I got in return is a sore back. This is ridiculous!!! PLEASE...can anyone shed any light on this DEBACLE. "TO THE ICE-PACK NOW FOR ME!!! H E L P  P L E A S E!!!

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