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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) category, mostly Link Building jobs...?

Working in the SEO Field for quite a while and understanding the importance and part that Link Building plays, I think it would be more efficient to have a separate category for Link Building. 

Many buyers are in need of On-Page Optimization and other techniques outside of Link Building, yet the high majority of Link Building requests smother everything else out making it a daunting task to find those not needing Link Building solely. 

Just an opinion/feedback for the great crew at oDesk.

 ~Anthony H.

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Good suggestion. I'll pass

Good suggestion. I'll pass it on for the next round of category updates.

Jacqui - Forum Moderator | Help Center | oDesk blog | Contact Support

Thank You...

Thanks Jacqui, I appreciate a forum like this as well to be able to provide feedback and read what is on others minds... 

Have a great evening.

~Anthony H.