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Which oDesk emails drive you crazy?

We have been getting feedback from both Buyers and Providers that oDesk sends too many emails. Do you agree? Which emails should we stop sending? Some possibilities:


- Candidate notification: if your job opening gets 37 candidates, you get 37 emails. What level of notification is appropriate here?

- Interview confirmation: each time you select a candidate for an interview, you get a confirmation saying "you have selected Provider X for an interview"

- Hire confirmation and assignment start notification: when you make a hire, you get two emails: (1) "you have hired Provider X", and (2) your assignment with Provider X has begun and he can now bill time"


- Job expires: if a Buyer makes a hire or cancels a job for which you are a candidate, you get notified, even if you didn't apply but rather were invited to interview.

- We currently send many emails to both your address and your alternate email address. If you have forwarding enabled, should we send only to your alternate address? If you have forwarding disabled, should we send to both addresses?


I'm sure there are other examples. Which emails are useful? Which drive you crazy? Speak now!


Michael Levinson

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Candidate and Interview emails are useless

However, I found the offline hours notification email to be quite useful. Something to the effect of "your provider has worked xx% hours offline - which is above the norm". That one was useful because it informed me of something I didn't already know. 

 The interview confirmation emails are the most useless of all. I receive those and think, "yes, I know, I just did that online - but thanks for cluttering up my inbox".

The candidate emails are useful in the beginning because it's nice to know that my job opening is up and people are applying, but after the 4th one they become less meaningful and I just check online.

Basically I'd suggest focusing on the notification and warning type emails and cut out the confirmation emails.

That's my 2 cents...


Interview confirmation

I agree for Interview confirmations, they are a bit useless since we just pushed the button "invite to interview" some seconds before.

Stop Emails

I am Getting Each email twice.Please stop sending me the same Email twice even if that is auto.



Some or all?


Are you getting all oDesk emails twice, or just some?

Michael Levinson

I am Getting all the

I am Getting all the messages twice

1. When I apply for a job -- confirmation twice

2. when I get a response about interview -- twice

3. When I am selected ona project  ,oDesk Start of Assignment Notice --twice

4.Weekly time  limit has changed-- twice


But today when i applied for a job I got the confirmation only once.


Also I am getting emails when other providers apply for the same job

as an "updated message on my project".




I was trying to search how

I was trying to search how to turn off these hire emails.  If there is no way to turn them off, then I need to setup a junk email account.  Who wants emails for every candidate? It is nuts. 

Email Notifications

Just have set it up so you as a user can turn on or off the emails you want to receive.