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What's New - Certificate of Earnings Statements, Same-Day Rehires, and Hiring from the Message Center

Good morning, oDeskers! We’re excited to tell you about the latest updates from the oDesk product team: Certificate of Earnings statements, Same-Day Rehires, and an option to hire right from the message center.

Certificate of Earnings Statements:
This feature enables all freelancers and agency owners to create a PDF record of their recent earnings to accommodate any banking requests, loan needs, or employment verifications.

To access these statements, just go to “Reports,” click on “More Reports,” and then select “Certificate of Earnings” to generate a downloadable PDF.

oDesk Certificate of Earnings Statement.

Same-Day ReHires - A Smoother Workflow:
We understand that long-term contracts are subject to changes along the way, and the lag time between the previous and new contracts can affect both deadlines and routine tasks. You can now end and then start a contract with your freelancer on the same day, ensuring a smoother workflow and a hassle-free transition for your freelancers.

Hiring Directly from the Message Center:
Whether you’re corresponding with a new freelancer or one you’ve previously worked with, you can now hire them directly from the message center without going back to their application. This improvement may be small, but we’re aiming to make our platform as easy and intuitive as possible!

oDesk Certificate of Earnings Statement.

As always, we value your feedback and discussion and we welcome you to join the conversation below.

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The oDesk Crew

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