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Identify Policy

Ok so I have been flaged, andI am well p!ssed. It seems that my photo is unacceptable according to the identy poicy of O'Desk. While I understand keeping O' Desk professional, my photo is extreamly professional and an excellent representation of my profession.

I take exception to the identy policy for several reasons. First and most importantly is my securty. We educate our children that the internet is not a safe place to leave our personal information. Many internet securty companys advises don't put photos of our children and family on the internet. We have all read about the security issues users of face book experence.

Admist all the security issues O'Desk tells me that I must adhere to a policy that could potentially put my saftey at risk. That seems awefully irresponsible of O'Desk.

Secondly, they don't mandate this evenly and fairly. Take a look at the top 25 writers for last month, 2 of the top ten are involation. It seems to me that they would enforce this policy on the most seen profiles on O'Desk. Do a search for the translators, the first profile that comes up is in violation and has been since I first did that search in November. How abou some equality.

Third, it is not required that the buyer shows his face. Why should the buyer be given the privlage of knowing what I look like, I don't get that respect in recipacation. Again equality in policy.

Finally, I would like to think that a buyer would hire someone or not hire someone on thier qualifications. By mandating I post my photo, it opens the door to discriniation. If I don't like purple people I may not hire you just because you are purple, a woman, black, white, asian, or just butt ugly.

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