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closing my account

so to adopt a relatively new phrase in the forums, i've decided it's "time to get weaned." the onslaught of bugs, and oDesk forcing its nightmarish features on its contractors have just become too much for me. it has become more and more difficult to get jobs, not just because the UI is currently sloppy, but also due to unfair minimum wage testing and - *wink* - zombie clients.

i no longer feel secure knowing that there's a "money-back guarantee," and that this site is turning into one that leans favorably towards clients with every day that passes. there is no support in Support, and even asking for help in the forums means you get shot down first.

as much as possible, i try to live by my signature (see below Wink), but in this case i'm thinking it would be better to simply move on.

to those who've made my forum stay an awesome experience, thank you! to those who've gone before me, i'll be joining you soon.

and to everyone here i say...

APRIL FOOLS! Laughing out loud

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