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Fun List (updated whenever possible)

i was inspired by Mandy's comment so i thought i'd make this list of all the crappy features, broken stuff and occasional yet recurring bugs in oDesk:

AS OF 4/6/2014

crappy features:

  1. auto-hide applications
  2. money-back guarantee
  3. "escrow (with unlimited redo built in)" - Darren
  4. "That darn minimum wage thingie" - Mandy

broken stuff:

  1. email notifications
  2. job search
  3. contractor search
  4. support not supportive - Mandy
  5. messing with freelancers' finances - Mandy via Heather

occasional yet recurring bugs:

  1. with the time tracker, like here
  2. in contractor and client profiles (like this and this)
  3. "If I click on some freelancer's profiles from the forum, when I am already logged into the forum, the profile page shows that I am logged out and I see the public non-logged in profile view. Logging in again takes me away from the freelancer's profile page." - Marcia
  4. disappearing portfolios - Rico

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