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What's New - Project Portfolios and Private Invites

Hello oDeskers!

We’re here to report on our most recent set of improvements to the oDesk platform.

The two items on today’s agenda: a more powerful way for clients to view freelancers’ portfolios and a redesigned invite process to increase invites to high quality jobs.

Project Portfolios: All Your Work, Right at a Clients' Fingertips 

Freelancers can now create project-based portfolios with multiple attachments and much more helpful information about past jobs. With this new viewer, clients have a powerful tool to quickly assess a freelancer's past work. For each project they can see full descriptions, the role the freelancer played, and view several images of the work. Clients will also get a sneak peak of the portfolio in their freelancer search results. The new design will look like this:

oDesk Portfolio good

Private Invites: Easier Than Ever for Clients to Find Great Freelancers

Many oDesk clients prefer to invite freelancers to their jobs–especially when they require specific skill sets–and many freelancers depend on these invites to find their next job.

A couple of weeks ago we shared news of how we're reducing spam invites by reviewing all job posts before invites are sent out. Today we are excited to share that we've improved the whole invite process.

The new flow gives clients a more intuitive way to post a job and invite freelancers to apply to that job–all in one step. The new process will improve job descriptions, increase the number of clients inviting freelancers to their jobs, and, when combined with the queued invitations, continue to decrease spam.

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