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What's New - The Freelancer Reporting Homepage and Queued Invitations

Hello oDeskers!

Here we are once again with more exciting additions to your virtual office.

The items on today’s list include a brand new payments homepage for freelancers and Queued Invitations to reduce spam job invites.

The New Freelancer Reporting Homepage - Track All Your Payments In One Place:

oDesk New Freelancer Reporting Homepage.

Knowing exactly where your payments are in the payment cycle is naturally a key concern to all freelancers. To answer your common questions and provide all payment related info on one consolidated screen, we give to you the New Freelancer Reporting Homepage!

From the Reports tab, you can track all payments on individual tabs that reflect different stages of the payment cycle. You can find more information about payments with hovers, and yellow flags show you the breakdown of manual time. All your existing reports are still available in this new interface.

Learn more here. We are rolling this out over the next couple of weeks, so if you don't see it now, you will soon.

Queued Invitations - A Safer, Spam-free Marketplace:
We are happy to announce our latest feature - Queued Invitations. While all new job posts go through a standard security review before going live on the marketplace, previously invites to a job were sent out immediately. This resulted in users getting invites to jobs which were later removed by our Marketplace Quality team. Now, invitations sent out by a client will be queued for about twenty minutes until the job post clears our security review. This will help keep spam at bay and allow freelancers to focus on high quality invitations and the exciting job opportunities they present.

As always, we value your feedback and discussion.

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