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Introducing the New Freelancer Reporting Homepage - Track All Your Payments in One Place

Hello oDeskers,

We are excited to announce the new Freelancer Reporting Homepage. This new reporting interface has been designed to help you track all your payments in one place and answer key questions. The Reports page is organized into tabs that reflect different stages of the payment cycle so that you can clearly see what’s happening to your earnings at any given time.

We’re rolling this out over the next few weeks, so if you don’t see it yet, you will soon!

oDesk New Freelancer Reporting Homepage.

Tab 1: Work In Progress:
This is the default tab that will show up on your Reporting homepage. It includes hourly earnings for the current week.

Note, if you have contracts in the new Fixed-Price Milestones Beta, you’ll also see any active milestones (i.e, the next milestone to be completed).

Tab 2: In Review:
The second tab shows work and earnings that are in the Client Review period. For hourly contracts you’ll see the relevant timesheet for the workweek that is in review.

Again, if you’re in the new Fixed-Price Milestones Beta, you’ll see fixed-price milestones that you have submitted and are waiting for the client to approve.

Tab 3: Pending:
The third tab shows your pending payments that are in the Security Period. This includes relevant timesheets for hourly contracts and milestones or other fixed-price payments that have been approved by the client.

Tab 4: Available:
As the name suggests, this tab includes details of all earnings–both hourly and fixed-price–that the freelancer can withdraw.

Tab 5: More Reports:

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