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Helping clients find the best freelancers - an update

In a previous blog post, we discussed that as the oDesk workplace has grown to include millions of clients and freelancers, the availability of jobs and freelancers is much greater, but the task of finding the right match has become much more difficult. We wanted to update you on a test we’re running to help clients identify the best candidates for their jobs.

Presenting clients with the best candidates for their job - how it works:
When a freelancer applies to a clients’ job, we analyze that freelancers’ profile, cover letter, work experience, and skills–all in relation to the job requirements. We also look at the freelancer’s history of satisfying clients, which is based on many performance indicators including feedback ratings, client complaints, responsiveness levels, accuracy of profile and/or identity information, missed deadlines, and disputes.

Freelancers who are not as good a match for the job, or who have had a history of dissatisfied clients, will have their application ranked below those who are a stronger fit, or in some cases placed in the hidden tab. Clients are always free to review and contact candidates in the hidden tab, and freelancers who are invited to apply to a job will appear on the client’s main applicant list.

How’s it going?
Overall the results are very promising. More clients are hiring and having great outcomes, which means more freelancers are getting work.

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