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I got paid on a fixed-price assignment without the assignment ending - do I forfeit my payment if I end it?

I just completed my first fixed price assignment last week, and got paid for it (i.e. the amount appears in my balance, and not as a pending balance). The buyer wants to hire me for another assignment and he sent me the interview for it. However, I think he either forgot to close or didn't close my present assignment. Now, whenever I go to the prompt for ending the assignment oDesk warns me that if I do so I forfeit payment...

I don't that's how it's supposed to work, so am I missing something?

As I understand it what happened is -
Innocent as far as oDesk's warning on forfeiting payment is concerned, payment happens at the end of the assignment.
1) if the buyer closes with a payment, I don't need to close it myself.
2) if the buyer pays without closing, odesk thinks it's paid "as an extra".
3) if the provider closes the assignment, the buyer doesn't get to pay-at-close, so oDesk warns the provider that he won't get paid. The warning says he forfeits end-of-assignment pay, but ignores already paid parts.
4) if I end the assignment now, I forfeit my end-of-assignment pay (which is zero as I'm already fully paid), but since I was already paid and it already reflects in my balance, i don't forfeit that amount.

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