Twilio Partners with oDesk to Connect Developers and Projects

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- June 27, 2011 -- Twilio (, the leader in enabling developers to build powerful voice and SMS applications, today announces a partnership with oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing online employment platform. The partnership extends Twilio’s Developer Connect program and makes it easier than ever for members of the Twilio developer community to find contract software development work. oDesk has created an official Twilio group that connects project owners with Twilio’s community of more than 40,000 developers.

“Twilio is committed to helping developers in our community find opportunities to utilize their technical expertise to make money solving people's problems,” says Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson. “We’re also committed to providing businesses access to the technical resources they need to complete their Twilio-powered projects. We have partnered with oDesk because they have a powerful platform for facilitating these connections.”

Businesses looking to build Twilio-powered applications can reach web developers with the experience and technical skills they need by posting a job to the new Twilio oDesk group. Project owners can find developers that have expertise with a specific technology platform or relevant industry experience.

For developers, oDesk offers tools to find new projects, apply to work on them and ultimately get paid for successfully completed work. oDesk takes care of all of the project management tasks like tracking time worked, reporting back to the project owner and collecting the payments once a project is complete.

“oDesk does a great job of increasing visibility between developers and project owners,” said John Sheehan, Lead Developer Evangelist at Twilio. “For example, oDesk provides a developer's complete work history (including ratings for past work) so that you know you can trust the person you hire for your project. Using oDesk's visual timesheets you are able to verify and pay for only the time spent working.“

About Twilio

Twilio is reinventing telecom by merging the worlds of cloud computing, web services and telecommunications. Twilio hosts a telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud, allowing web programmers to integrate phone calls and SMS messages into their applications. Twilio's simple, powerful API minimizes the learning curve required to build advanced, reliable communications applications, and its pay-as-you-go pricing model means customers pay for capacity only when they need it, not before. The company was founded in 2008, and is based in San Francisco, California.

About oDesk

oDesk ( is the world's largest and fastest-growing global employment platform. With $18 million in work performed every month, and nearly 1.2 million tested-and-rated contractors offering their services, oDesk enables any business to hire, manage, and pay a flexible online workforce.

Doubling in size over each of the past four years, oDesk is rapidly changing how the world works.