oDesk Releases Facebook Development Skills Test for Remote Software Developers

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With the Only Such Skills Test Available Today, oDesk Helps Facebook Application Developers Distinguish Themselves, While Helping Companies Ensure They Hire the Very Best Facebook Developers

Today oDesk (www.oDesk.com), an online marketplace that helps companies hire, manage and pay remote technology workers around the world, released a Facebook development skills test to help businesses hire the most skilled Facebook application developers to build cool, new widgets and applications for the popular social networking site.

oDesk provides more than one hundred different skills tests to help its developers set themselves apart by highlighting their areas of expertise. With a sophisticated feedback system in place, developers and other remote technology workers can build their reputations and command higher pay for their unique skill sets. Other high-demand development skills in the oDesk marketplace include Ajax, CSS, .Net, DHTML and ASP, among others. Using oDesk’s transparent remote work marketplace, employers can search for developers and other skilled technology workers to hire based on prior employment history and feedback, test scores, skills and pay rates.

“Since Facebook opened up its platform to third party developers earlier this year, there have been thousands of widgets and other applications developed in order to take advantage of the viral nature of the popular social networking platform,” said Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. “We've seen a rapid increase in Facebook development job opportunities on oDesk and the oDesk Facebook Skills Test is a great new tool for finding top Facebook developer talent.”

oDesk is a marketplace of remote software development firms and technology freelancers that offers a unique set of integrated management and collaboration tools to help employers hire, manage and pay remote teams of employees. Using oDesk’s collaboration suite, employers track project progress and collaborate with team members as though all were working in the same office. oDesk handles all invoicing and payment, making it easy for small to medium size businesses to access the global talent pool, a luxury once reserved solely for the large corporation. In addition, oDesk gives technology freelancers the freedom to work from and get paid anywhere, anytime.

With more than 21,000 tested and rated providers working for thousands of companies around the world through the oDesk platform, oDesk is proving that the nature of technology jobs is changing. More than 1,000,000 hours have been logged in its remote work marketplace since inception, and the company was recently named one of the “most promising” companies driving the future of technology by Red Herring.

About oDesk

Every day, oDesk helps people all over the world work together, as if they were seated in the same office. Founded in 2004, oDesk (www.oDesk.com) is a global marketplace for programmers and technology freelancers that enables businesses to build and manage remote teams. Hiring managers can search the oDesk network and choose from among thousands of tested, top-rated technology professionals in over 50 countries around the world. Using oDesk web-based collaboration tools, project managers can visually track and verify all work performed, both historically and in real-time. oDesk is venture-backed by Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital Partners and Sigma Partners.

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