APD Expanded Its Talent Pool Through oDesk

Software applications developer Advanced Process Designs staffs up faster, and can handle a wider range of needs, by using oDesk.

When Advanced Process Designs, a software application development firm, needed to build mobile applications, CEO Bill Quintrell turned to oDesk to staff his mobile app team. He began staffing Russian software application developers through oDesk in 2007 and quickly realized the benefits of hiring remote workers. With APD already split between two U.S. locations, hiring providers on the other side of the world might have seemed like a complicated maneuver. Quintrell quickly found, however, that hiring qualified programmers through oDesk takes a fraction of the time it would take to advertise, interview and check references for local talent.

Advanced Process Designs

— Bill Quintrell / CEO, Advanced Process Designs

"I find developers faster, qualify them faster and can pay them more quickly."

The company was four years old when it started using oDesk. Only two years later, in mid-2009, APD had doubled the size of its operation. The company can take on more work now that Quintrell can hire faster, and from a global talent pool. APD can also serve each of those clients better. "When something goes wrong, we can correct it faster," he notes.

APD has built long-term relationships on oDesk, using one provider company for most of its needs. The provider company adds an extra layer of reliability and project management that Quintrell appreciates. oDesk has allowed him to develop a regular team of 17 workers, more than the number of employees at ADP in the United States. It's a strategy that's here to stay, he says.

Hiring Advice

After several years of working with oDesk providers, Bill Quintrell knows what he's looking for.

  • Relevant skills on the provider's profile
  • Positive feedback from other buyers when using those skills
  • An outline of the provider's ideas and a suggested timeline for the project

Developing specialized software applications that involve large and collaborative systems calls for a wide range of skills, Quintrell says. "What we do," he explains, "is develop a product for the customer and then, based on their feedback, we turn it into more of what they need. Over the life of a project, you have different talent that you need at different times, but we have our core skills provided through oDesk."

"Staffing locally is expensive and time consuming," Quintrell says. "We could do that 20 years ago, but we can't do that anymore."

When software developer APD needed to grow, oDesk made it happen.

  • Interviewing and hiring was done faster.
  • References were verified instantaneously through buyer feedback.
  • APD was no longer limited to its small local talent base.

About Advanced Process Designs

Based in Chattanooga, TN, and Atlanta, GA, Advanced Process Designs develops specialized software applications, typically for large and collaborative systems. It was founded in 2003.